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Quick tip · combitech® system coaxis®

Quick tip · combitech® system coaxis®

User tip no. 99

If you need to screw in one or more outer hollow chambers on the coaxis® profile, you can simply screw an M 10 screw in there without cutting a thread.If you need to screw in the center thread channel of the coaxis® profile, but do not have an M 10 thread cutter to hand, you can drill out the thread channel with a 9.5 mm drill and screw in an M 10 screw, without cutting a thread.

User tip no. 100

The coaxis® pivoting hinge can be fitted orthogonally or coaxially depending on the application. This allows the components to pivot in different directions. The coaxis® pivoting hinge orthogonal and coaxial is available in the range in one set. 

User tip no. 101

When doing your coaxis® designs, you should prepare a sketch before putting it together. In this way you can see the number and position of the connecting brackets, hinges etc. This makes you faster and able to work without mistakes. Above all you must think about the sequence of the connecting brackets that need pushing in. Forgotten connecting brackets, stop profiles and support profiles will lead to partly dismantling your design.
The specified loading capacity of the coaxis® shelf supports equates to a normal load (flat distribution across the whole area of the shelf support). Depending on the loading method and when using several shelf supports, higher loads can be achieved accordingly.

User tip no. 102

To achieve a higher stability, there is the option of fastening the coaxis® column profile with two connection brackets.

User tip no. 103

If you happen to have forgotten a bracket, then there is the emergency solution of grinding away the short shank of the sliding block chamber on the coaxis® column profile to a length of approx. 45 mm or cutting it off with an angle grinder. This should be done at a place where it will not look bad. You can then insert the bracket.

User tip no. 104

Assembly without screws is possible with the aid of a second coaxis® shelf support, which is attached on the opposite side (multiple clamp). This enables a wide variety of shelves made of wood, glass, stone or plastic, for example, to be continuously braced.If the required length for the shelf boards is not available, a shelf support can quite easily be made in the required length by yourself using a coaxis® connection bracket combined with a coaxis® profile, narrow.

User tip no. 105

If mounting the coaxis® profile makes it no longer possible to push in the square nut on the side, a drill hole of 9.5 mm into the slot can be used to subsequently create a direct access for another hook fastening set.