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New ideas with combitech®

New ideas with combitech®

Small animal housing with combitech®-connect

The angels’ household is growing. The angels are using the alfer® aluminium system combitech® with practical connect corners to build a dream chinchilla house for their two new housemates Nupsi and Stupsi. The spacious cage not only provides room for the two rodents but also plenty of storage space for food and accessories.

Monitor table with combitech®-connect

Makes individual screen positions possible – you can set up the best position. Aching necks and shoulders need no longer occur. The ideal position is looking directly at the screen at a slight downward angle.

Chicken run with combitech®-connect

You can use an outdoor enclosure to let your pet into the garden. The enclosure is put together effortlessly with just a few moves, enabling a place in the open air without the risk of your pet running off or becoming easy prey.

Guinea pig cage with combitech®-connect

A cage for small pets, which provides a cosy home for your pet and an open view of your furry friend. Enough room to get plenty of exercise.

Bathroom rack with combitech®-connect

A place for everything at last. This practical storage rack makes space in the smallest of places. A great way to make good use of a little corner. The guides for the baskets are provided by riveted angle profiles.

Coffee table with combitech®-connect

New lounge suite but no matching table? These small tables look good in a group, but can also easily be split up if required by the seating arrangements.

Towel holder with combitech®-connect

Where do you put all those towels? Here is the solution for a large household. A few towels can be hung over it in view. And besides, the holder can quickly and easily be put somewhere else at any time.

Wine rack with combitech®-connect

True wine connoisseurs keep their wine in a wine rack. And a good wine rack should not only be functional but ideally also look good. People who are good with their hands can even make their own wine rack according to their ideas.

Dog box with combitech®-connect

Simply measure the trunk, build the right size and your four-legged friend will always be safe in the car. If the box is not needed, it can easily be removed due to its low weight.

Goal set with combitech®-connect

The lawn at the back of the house is not as big as a football field yet the kids still want to emulate soccer stars. No matter how big the goal is, the game can be enjoyed just the same, and if the goal is not intended as a permanent fixture, the little players can put the lightweight construction away themselves.