Balcony and garden


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Balcony and garden

Balcony and garden

Forcing bed cover

The start of the gardening season can soon begin in promising fashion with this kind of cold frame cover. Young plants are protected from the elements such as outbreaks of frost and can thrive in peace. The ventilation is conveniently operated by means of a light aluminium frame.

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PDF Construction plan Forcing bed cover

Garden bench

Makes gardening and DIY work a pleasure, relaxing on a home-made wooden bench when the work is done and letting your eyes move around the garden.


With the help of this original, weatherproof trellis, there is nothing to stop that flowering clematis on its way skywards. Another convenient feature is its low weight, allowing it to be moved quickly and easily.


These beanpoles will last a lifetime. They can be re-used year after year to support a rich crop.

Plant trellis

A rose growing along this weatherproof trellis can reach a good height and age. Furthermore, it matches any house, helps the appearance of plants, and draws attention to them.


A quick and good-looking solution for a green collection area. You only need 22 planks, four round bars, and short tubes with short side pieces to create your own compost heap.

Entrance gate, two sections

This gate can be made in any size required and be combined with any types of fence such as wire and PVC.

Fence unit with small door

The weatherproof fencing unit for containing a closed off area.

Insect screen door

The indestructible insect screen door is a nice way of keeping annoying creatures away whilst being kind to the environment and your living area. This enables ventilation free of bugs.

Folding table

An appreciated table: when needed, it can be folded out, when it is no longer needed, it can be easily put away to save space. Also suitable as a coffee table for larger social occasions so that everything necessary for a successful meal is close to hand.

Plant trolley

The pull-out plant trolley is suitable for various pot sizes and makes it easy to look after sensitive plants. If the plants only need a little sun, you can push them into the shade, or if they are not allowed rain, you can simply push them under the protective cover.


A lightweight and long-lasting hothouse made of aluminium and Plexiglas twin-walled sheets. No expert gardener could do without one. It makes growing, keeping, and storing plants in winter easy.