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New ideas with logika®

New ideas with logika®

Storage space under sloping roofs with a logika® shelf unit

No room? No problem! A customised staggered shelf unit made from aluminium profiles from the logika® system fits perfectly under the stairs so that everything can be stored away tidily in even the smallest of spaces. A practical and chic solution for all spatial situations.

Keep the garage tidy with a logika® corner shelf unit

Say goodbye to chaos! We tidy up garages: with a self-built corner shelf unit made from aluminium profiles from the logika® system. This stable solution not only creates storage space in even the tightest of areas but also looks great.

Wall rack with logika®

The shelf can be made from wood as seen here or from any other material. This type of fastening to the wall and attaching the side pieces provides a high degree of stability. Makes a secure storage place for folders and books.

Information booth with logika®

Any number of extendable modules can be created. A large communication platform provides a friendly reception and waiting area for various occasions.

Step with logika®

Great – a new wardrobe that uses the full height of the room! But you cannot reach the top wardrobe shelves. This step enables you to get to your things easily, and the little helper is always to hand because it is so easy to put aside.

Desk with logika®

Modern and flexible! For an attractive home office. The height can be adjusted according to the user, and the size of the writing area can also be made to suit the space available.

Kitchen shelf with logika®

Where do you put the coffee machine and other kitchen utensils? Just the job, this rack fits the free space ideally, and everything is easy to see and reach.

Plant shelf with logika®

Time for repotting, and once again the good old garden table has to make do. But no, with this weather-resistant plant rack, the working height can be adjusted to the hobby gardener, and not everything has to be tidied away and cleaned for the coffee break.