Workshop, garage and basement


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Workshop, garage and basement

Workshop, garage and basement

Pull-out trestle

The practical helper for working on large objects. The two different-sized rectangular profiles that slide inside each other mean that the height can be perfectly adjusted according to the size of the object and the user.

More Information:

PDF Construction plan Pull-out trestle

Folding ladder

A decorative folding ladder for reaching things at heights and at the same time attractive enough for the living area.

Folding trestle

This practical work surface makes all types of job easier. Whether you want to do some work on a surfboard or on another large item.
Afterwards you can put the folding trestles away to save space. The folding mechanism consists of three short pieces of tube with side pieces, a threaded rod, and two screws.

Storage rack

The indispensable custodian of order. The aluminium can be combined with many materials used in home design such as wood, glass, or stone. This rack is suitable for either a kitchen with dining area or a utility room.

Garbage bag holder

This is the ideal solution for stabilizing all the different plastic bags required for separating garbage; it is easier to fill the bag and once filled it will not tip over.

Bottle carrier

The practical aid for carrying bottles from the basement to the living room and back. The bottle carrier is also decorative enough to be kept in the living room.

Security grid

A good and lasting solution to prevent unwanted guests getting in.

Work bench

Metal sheets, profiles, and Multiplex sheets are used here. This enables the individual demands of a work bench to be met and a solution to be found even for places with not very much room.

Hand truck

The hand truck enables heavy objects to be transported relatively easily.


A decorative aid for outdoors. Its adequate capacity and handy operation allows large amounts to be cleared up easily.

Boot dryer

A simple idea but one which will very quickly prove to be a practical little helper.

Plinth for washing machine

Filling and removing laundry can be done from a more convenient height thanks to the base frame.