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Quick tip · combitech® system logika®

Quick tip · combitech® system logika®

User tip no. 52

Apart from untreated aluminium, our logika® profiles are also available in anodised or powder-coated silver, titanium and beech-coloured finishes. They have a particularly attractive and technical appearance, which is ideally suited for bulding designer furniture.These six profiles are available in up to four sizes, which can all be combined and installed with one another, irrespective of size. This is a result of the hole measurements from the centre of one hole to another with the two gap sizes 25.0 mm and 12.5 mm, which thus fit over each other exactly.

User tip no. 53

All logika® profiles are naturally produced in standardised combitech® system dimensions with practical combitech® identification grooves. This puts the whole combitech® system at your disposal for all your ideas. You can find complete information about the combitech® system at www.alfer.com.

Due to the materials used and the surface treatments, all our aluminium profiles are hygienic, antiseptic, resistant to environmental conditions, and easy to clean, making them ideal for use in the food and outdoor sector. Furthermore, all logika® aluminium profiles are lightweight compared to most perforated sections available in the trade. This makes them ideal to use for shelving and tidying systems in delivery trucks and building site vehicles, particularly from the viewpoint of saving fuel and providing added security due to shorter braking distances.

User tip no. 54

logika® steel profiles are galvanised or are additionally coated white. This makes them resistant to damp and prevents them from rusting. The material is ideally suited for the highest physical demands and for designs that require a high strength.

User tip no. 55

Use the right screw set for every logika® size.

logika® profiles, 7.5 mm M 2 screw set
logika® profiles, 15.5 mm M 3 screw set
logika® profiles, 23.5 mm M 5 screw set
logika® profiles, 35.5 mm M 6 screw set

The M 2 and M 3 screw sets are available in one length. Sizes M 5 and M 6 come in three lengths:
· If you want to screw an angle bracket to another angle bracket, use the shorter screws.
· As there are also square tubes in the range, you need the medium length screws to join a square tube and an angle bracket
· To join two square tubes together, use the long screw sets.

User tip no. 79

Various units can be made with the logika® brackets and screws, for example shelves. The holes in the profiles makes drilling unnecessary.