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Quick tip · combitech® system Basis

Quick tip · combitech® system Basis

User tip no. 56

If, for example, you want to join two threaded rods together vertically, the tube-tube 90° profile lends itself to this. You can push the threaded rod into the round tube. A hole is drilled into the square tube and a nut is pushed in. You can now screw a second threaded rod into the nut giving you two vertical threaded rods on top of each other.

User tip no. 57

If you want to attach a round tube for example to another unit, then tube sleeves lend themselves to this. Take two of these tube sleeves and join them together with screws or rivets. In the space created by this you can insert and fix your round tube and thus attach it to another unit.

User tip no. 58

If you want to insert a screw into the hole of a round tube, whether it is aluminium or plastic, you can make a thread there with a thread cutter and screw in a metric screw. You also have the option of inserting a suitable plastic plug and screwing in a wood screw that fits.

User tip no. 59

With a suitable plastic adhesive, available in any DIY shop, you can easily glue plastic profiles together.

User tip no. 60

Plastic profiles can easily be cleaned with a cloth and detergent or with special plastic cleaner. Harsh agents such as nitro thinners or acetone should be avoided because these damage the surface.

User tip no. 61

With plastic profiles, care should be taken that they are only used to a limited extent outdoors, as they become brittle over time due to UV rays.

User tip no. 62

Plastic profiles are easy to saw or drill. The drill alignment groove naturally lends itself to drilling, as this prevents slippage when drilling. If you heat up a plastic tube with a hairdryer, for example, it can be easily bent.

User tip no. 63

Nuts are available in the most common sizes in the range. There are also self-tapping nuts depending on the size with or without cap. Also numerous special nuts, such as rectangular, wing, ring, and knurled nuts, etc.

User tip no. 64

For example, if you are building a base frame for a mitre saw out of combitech® profiles, you have rubber buffers in the range, which you use as feet and thus reduce vibration.

User tip no. 65

With the professional angle with integrated mitre ruler you can not only draw 90° angles as with conventional angles, but also all other lines of degrees between 0° and 90°.