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Leisure and hobbies

Leisure and hobbies

Dog box

It is difficult to transport your four-legged friend without such a device. The animal has a totally different footing, and especially in the event of an accident, the animal and other passengers are protected.

More Information:

PDF Construction plan Dog box

Market stall

Fresh vegetables can be displayed for health-conscious customers on a lightweight and friendly market stall. Or if you regularly go to flea markets, then this version is a durable, indestructible solution.

Trailer step

This combination of threaded rods, rectangular profiles, and rectangular tubes gives you a possibility to quickly and easily climb onto your trailer.

Tractor extension for cutter bar mower

A practical loading aid and loading area for smaller garden equipment which ensures safe transport.

Tripod barbecue

This model can be quickly made out of combitech® profiles. All you need then is a grill rack and a chain.

Rabbit hutch

All you need for raising small pets. A high-quality hutch that does not absorb any animal odors. It has a practical tray for cleaning purposes and is suitable for keeping any pet, as the size can be customized.

Mobile tournament horse box

Makes traveling to competitions fun. The box is quick and easy to put together and guarantees ideal conditions for both riders and horses.

Pull-out water canister stand

To make the most of the lack of space in a mobile home, the DIY expert had the idea of making a pull-out canister stand out of combitech®. Tubes that slide inside one another, and the advantage that plastic and aluminium together have excellent friction properties, make this work piece so functional.

Pigeon box

A special cage that was designed by a pigeon breeder to motivate homing pigeons. Designed for the individual requirements of the birds and ideally suited for the sporting kind of pigeon breeding. The cage made of aluminium could not be easier to clean, is superbly hygienic, and quick to disinfect.

Mobile observation chair

Functional, light, and transportable – those were the requirements of the aluminium observation chair. Easy to put in any car and can be assembled in seconds, this is what makes this observation chair so unique.


Supporting creativity, this easel makes the greatest works possible.

Camping chair

A colorful chair that is suitable for the camping season. It is easy to fold up and thus store away and transport.