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Sawing videos

Sawing of steel

Use a hacksaw with a metal saw blade, which is suitable for sawing steel amongst other materials.

Appropriation of a clamp saw

When using a hand-held clamp saw, fasten the sawing part in tightly and choose a carbide-tipped saw blade.

Appropriation of a jigsaw

You can cut shaped parts out of panels with an electric jigsaw with a fine-toothed saw blade. For this purpose, fasten the panels on a bench top with screw clamps so that you are free to saw.

General sawing tips

When sawing, it is recommended to put a drop of oil on the saw blade, so that the aluminium cuttings do not lodge between the teeth of the saw blade. But always work on plastic dry. If necessary, the parts should be immobilized with screw clamps or in a vise. Wear safety goggles whilst sawing, but no gloves especially when sawing with a clamp saw.