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Processing videos

Bending of aluminium profiles

You can also bend aluminium profiles depending on their thickness and cross-section. It is advisable not to choose too tight a bend radius, otherwise the profiles will be weakened or could also break.
Small pieces of aluminium sheet can be best bent if you first mark the bending edge with a pencil, then clamp the pieces in a vise accordingly and bend them over using a piece of wood.


You can shape aluminium sheets using a chasing or scythe hammer. Depending on the final shape you want to achieve, you should use a stable and even surface or a so-called hollow mold, with which you will be able to make pieces of curved sheet, for example, with a bit of practice.


Before applying the paint, it is recommended that you roughen the surface with an abrasive pad and then clean it with a grease solvent to improve the bond of the paint.
You can paint aluminium pieces with varnish or colored paint; it is best to use a spray can.

General processing tips

When bending tubes, it is advisable to first fill them with sand to prevent any significant change in their cross-sectional shape.
If you are shaping aluminium with a chasing or scythe hammer, it is advisable to wear hearing protection and safety goggles. When choosing paints, take note of the paint manufacturer's recommendations and safety instructions.