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Riveting is best done using blind rivets. A hand riveting machine with corresponding assortment of rivets is available from specialist retailers.

Screws and dowels

Self-tapping screws are suitable for aluminium profiles. If you want to screw plastic profiles together, it is best to use wood screws. As the internal diameter of combitech® round tubes matches the metric thread dimensions, you can, for example, put a standard size 8 plastic plug into an M8 combitech® tube, thus achieving a sturdy connection with another component.


When welding aluminium, metal inert gas and Wolfram inert gas methods are predominantly used. The corresponding welding machinery is available from specialist retailers.
However, it is recommended that you take a special welding course, as provided by chambers of trade for example, or have the welding work done by an expert.

Joints – general tips

When riveting, ensure that the pieces being riveted are laid on top of each other in exactly the same plane. When welding you must use a welding shield or welding goggles to protect your eyes and wear a leather apron and gloves. Always weld on a non-flammable surface or a welding bench, and ensure adequate ventilation due to the build up of smoke.