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Filing and grinding videos

Filing and grinding videos


Files are available from specialist retailers in various sizes, shapes, and with different teeth.
The most common ones are flat files, round files, and rectangular files. The length of the file blade should be approx. 200 mm with teeth of 1 or 2 mm. Very small files, so-called key files, are also beneficial.


For grinding, do not use any tools that have previously been used to grind steel, copper, or other heavy metals. Otherwise foreign metal splinters or chips can be pressed into the surface.

Polishing and brushing

For polishing, apply a suitable polish (Alu-Magic from alfer®) and rub the area to a shine with a soft cloth.
For brushing, please only use stainless steel or plastic brushes, as normal steel or brass brushes destroy the aluminium surface.

General filing tips

Clean the file every now and then with a wire brush so that the filings do not lodge on the file.