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Small solutions

Small solutions


By combining ring nuts, threaded rods, and triple tubes you can make a wide range of tensioners, which can be used for various applications. Wire trellis supports for fruit trees, washing lines, and curtain rails are just a few of the possible designs.

Door stopper

Puts an end to ruining walls and cabinets. Banging doors and swinging gates are no longer a problem. You can effortlessly make individual solutions for fastening doors out of threaded rods, pressure springs, and our hinge profile. You can determine the size and strength yourself, and you do not need to resort to ready-made products from a shop.


A square U-tube with shanks makes a cost-effective way of creating customized bolts. You simply cut a guide out of the profile piece and make a quick security device for doors and gates using a round tube, threaded rod, and nuts.


In order to underline the versatility of our combitech® construction range, great emphasis was placed on developing hinge profiles. You can now try out many uses of hinges from our existing assortment and, as with a construction set system, put your own ideas into practice.

Hinge piece

Our profile material made of combitech® can be used to produce your very own articulated joints. You can make hinge pieces according to your own ideas and needs by sawing, filing, and drilling. In turn you can combine these any way you want with the entire combitech® range.

Catch for small door

To make a door catch as good as any conventional ready-made product, you need threaded rods, tension springs, a combitech® rectangular tube, rivets, and various accessories. You can make these types of small solutions out of leftover bits and pieces and put them together in the best possible way.

Telescopic technology

Height is no longer a problem, as the tube-in-tube system and our combitech® construction range now allows you to make your own telescopic pole in an intelligent way.

Eye-bolt link

You need eye-bolt links for decorative corner joints or for building models.


You can now make your own supports and decide on their requirements yourself, such as support strength, technology, and design. Goods available in the shops will be pushed into the shade by your own creativity.

Washing line tensioner

Take eye-bolts, plugs, and combitech® round tubes to give you a device for tautening all types of lines. The combitech® accessory range makes washing lines, canvasses for sun-shades, curtains, and lots more possible.

Basement grid security device

A favorite entry point for thieves is countered by this security device. Clever entry security devices can easily be designed by combining our combitech® range of accessories and simple pieces of threaded rod.