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Tips about combitech®


Cut profiles to size, remove saw burrs, insert combitech®-connect connectors and you're done!

Making things with combitech®-connect is child's play. It allows you to make an infinite number of designs: shelves, cupboards, plinths, tables, cages ...
The assortment includes a wide range of aluminium and plastic profiles as well as the matching connectors in the 23.5 mm and 7.5 mm series. A new addition is the 45º connectors which can be used to build a small roof design quickly and easily. New hinged connectors even enable constructions to be inclined at any angle.

Tips about combitech®-connect, 23.5 mm

The adaptor sleeve is used as a special accessory in the 23.5 mm assortment where an extremely tight connection between the connector and the square tube is required. Simply insert the adaptor sleeve into the spigot to the required depth (= tension force). This increases the strength of the connection between the connector and the square tube.

Tips about combitech®-connect, 7.5 mm

The connect connector spigots are somewhat oversized for a tight fit. In case the aluminium-connect square tubes are not big enough, the spigot edges can very easily be made to fit using our deburring device (accessories) or a sharp knife.
For an extreme grip of the connectors with the plastic connect square tubes, these can be additionally fixed in place with a suitable plastic adhesive.
Furthermore, our wide range of accessories are at your disposal, e.g. screws, nuts, washers, rivets, etc.