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What you should know!

Tips about clipstech®

What you should know!

Essential materials and equipment for installation:

1. A suitable form of insulation between the substrate and parquet or laminate floor, e.g. foam or shredded cork board
2. Waterproof wood glue if the flooring panels are going to be glued
3. Tools such as saw, hammer, crowbar, hammering block, angle bracket, tape measure, and pen
4. clipstech® system profiles with mounting aids and profile combinations for every application

The floor covering should be stored horizontally in its original packaging for about 48 hours in the room where it is to be installed so that it can adapt to the surrounding climate. Ideal conditions for the floor covering are 20°C with a relative humidity of 50–60%.

So that you can fit expansion joints to the assembled flooring panels, a gap of 10–12 mm should be left to all adjoining elements, such as walls, other floor coverings, and existing expansion joints in the substrate. Using the clipstech mounting aids, will automatically give you the right gap for expansion joints. If a room is more than 8 meters long or wide, an additional expansion joint should be installed to allow for movement.
clipstech® system profiles bridge expansion joints in such a way that the floor covering is able to move without being seen. The edges of the surface are permanently protected. Furthermore, the profiles round off the overall refined impression of your floor covering.

The correct way to saw floor panels

When sawing, make sure that the teeth of the saw blade are directed away from the visible area of floor panel. This prevents fraying.


Assuming that a decor profile has been accidentally damaged or not correctly used, do not throw it away immediately. First check whether the profile could still be used, for example by bending the end sections down or squeezing the hinge socket back together.

No more roller coaster effect

Up until now, professionals have had to contend with the drawbacks of punctiform anchoring techniques. Because these methods of fastening decor profiles, e.g. with screws, used to cause the profile to be forced down at the fixing point, with raised sections appearing between these points and at the ends. The clip-on connection along the whole length of the PVC support profile and decor profile on clipstech® puts an end to all that.

New for old

If you do not like the old clipstech® decor profiles any more, you can swap them for new ones without damaging the flooring. Using a metal drill (Ø 4.0 mm), carefully drill a hole at one end of the decorative profile at the centre of the clip joint and at right angles to the floor. (Caution: not too deep, just through the aluminium profile!) Cut a thread in the aluminium profile with an M5 thread cutter and then screw an M5 screw (min. 20 mm long) through the aluminium profile until it lifts up sufficiently from the PVC support profile.

Take precautions

Keep a few boards in reserve, ideally under the same light and temperature conditions as those already laid. This means that you will always have exactly the same size, color, and texture flooring if you later wish to replace a damaged board.

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