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Installing clipstech® support profiles

Tips about clipstech®

Installing clipstech® support profiles

Bang the mounting aid lightly with a hammer to clip it to the support profile so that the serrated side is situated above the fitting edge of the support profile (1). Place the support profile up to the wall, door, etc. so that the fitting edge faces the floor covering. You can find the matching types of support profile in the PDF Surface height ranges.

Picture A

The mounting aid maintains the correct distance to the wall, door, etc. (2). When fitting several support profiles in a row, you can connect them using a mounting aid to ensure they are properly aligned (3), so that the decor profile can later be clipped on in exactly the right way. We recommend four mounting aids per meter of support profile.
Fasten the support profile to the substrate. The closer it is fastened to the hinge the better (4). Make sure that screw heads, for example, do not protrude!
The underlay is placed up to the anchoring section (5), not on top of it!

Picture B

Now start laying the floor panels in one corner of the room. Place the boards with the grooved side facing the wall or the serrated part of the mounting aids.
When doing so, make sure that a mounting aid is positioned wherever two boards meet (6)!
The long sides on the last row of boards often have to be sawn to measure. Use the serrated edge of the mounting aids as a reference when measuring. Make sure you cut to exactly the right size – in no circumstances should you cut pieces that are too small!

Picture C

Where two floating floors of the same height meet, mounting aids can be clipped on alternating sides. We recommend eight mounting aids per meter of support profile.
Once the floor covering is installed, remove the mounting aids e.g. with a screwdriver. If the surface is being glued then wait until the glue has set.


The knack with the mounting aid. If you prefer conventional baseboards for the wall finish, you can still use the fitting aids, without support profiles, to preserve the expansion joints.

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