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Fitting clipstech® decor profiles

Tips about clipstech®

Fitting clipstech® decor profiles

Fitting the decor profiles is quiet simple: place the decor profile on the support profile so that the hinge socket and hinge ball are directly in line (1).
Use a hammer and cover (e.g. wood block covered in material) to knock the decor profile (2) on the hinge firmly onto the support profile. As a result the edging sections will fit against the floor covering.
In the case of floor coverings of different heights, knock the decor profile down just off centre from the hinge on the side of the lower surface (3). The decor profile fits perfectly thanks to its pivoting movement.

Picture A: Bridge between surfaces of the same height
Picture B: Wall edging
Picture C: Door edging
Picture D: Bridge between surfaces of different heights

Sawing aid for decor profiles

The sawing aid is adapted to the decor profiles in such a way as to allow them to be quickly and safely clamped in saws or cutting machines.

Miter cuts


The decor profiles are bent into shape by means of the pivoting wing or bend-up technology when installed according to the height of the floor coverings. That is why the marks for the miter cuts should not be made until the decor profile is clipped on. There are two options: 

1. Take the end of the decor profile requiring the miter cut and clip about 10 cm of it onto the support profile that is already fixed to the floor. Mark the required angle of the miter cut and carefully remove the decor profile for sawing. 

2. Simulate the subsequent assembly using left-over pieces of floor covering, underlay, and the support profile fastened to a wooden panel, for example, and clip on at least 10 cm of the decor profile. Mark and then saw the miter cut. 

In both cases you can correct the sawn cut if necessary by filing afterwards.