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Assembling step edges

Tips about clipstech®

Assembling step edges

clipstech® edging profile, 27 mm, for carpet edges

Besides the simple edging profile combined with the brown support profile, the 27 mm edging profile can also be used as a carpet edge, but only in combination with the white, ivory, and caramel support profiles depending on the height of the surface. You can find the matching support profiles in table CL06.
For assembly purposes, all 27 mm edging profiles come with a special mounting aid. To carry out assembly, we recommend the following steps:

Step A

Find the right support for the height of the covering. Start with the first riser (1) on the top step. Stick the covering on the riser so that it is flush with the top edge of the step.

Step B

Position and fasten the support profile using the special mounting aid (2). The alfer®-fix universal hole pattern on the support profile enables you to fix it in place with screws or adhesive. Then place the noise insulation underlay up to the anchoring section of the support profile – not over it!
Now clip the green mounting aid (3) to the support profile to give the correctly sized expansion joint.

Step C

Then lay the floor covering on the step (4). Afterwards remove the green mounting aid and tap the 27 mm end profile into place up to the support profile using a hammer and wood block. The 27 mm edging profile is shaped in such a way that the section (6) on the support profile meets the section (7) on the surface covering the riser. The coarse grooves (5), also on the profiles in wood design, increase safety against slipping.