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alfer®-fix universal hole pattern

Laying tiles

alfer®-fix universal hole pattern

The worldwide unique hole pattern provides a technical advantage over conventional profile perforations:
1. Universally applicable tile edgings due to combination of various hole shapes.
2. Largest possible perforations to allow adhesive or mortar to penetrate for best contact area between tile and substrate.
3. Small round and long holes for nails or screws, e.g. for pre-fixing in wall areas.

Profile groove pattern

Just like in motor sport, profile grooves can be a decisive success factor for tile edgings too:
1. The deep grooves on the end section of tile edgings ensure the right grip of the jointing compound across the entire height of the section.
2. That also makes grouting easier and quicker, and the jointing compound maintains a long-term grip.
3. Fine grooves on the surface of the anchoring section considerably increase the bond of the adhesive or mortar.

Professional quality

Value for money is key:
1. The latest production methods enable a reasonable price level.
2. Perfected profile engineering ensures a high degree of stability and torsion resistance.
3. Simple installation saves you time and money.