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Storage and classification range from alfer®: hooks and rails, shelves


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Storage and classification range from alfer®: hooks and rails, shelves

The alfer® storage and organisation range

A flexible rail and hook system organises cellars and garages

Whether a storeroom, workshop or garage, everything should have its place everywhere. With the classification and storage range, alfer® offers a system of hooks, rails and much, much more. You can therefore create storage space and order.

combitech® system logika®

logika®: supplementing the combitech® system through logically perforated profiles

logika® profiles can be used to create shelves, tables, steps and much more. This enables you to create order in rooms or vehicles. The holes make the profile suitable for a broad range of uses while still being extremely stable. The profiles are available in steel and aluminium.

Aluminium is rust-proof, hygienic, antiseptic and easy to clean, making it particularly suitable for coldrooms, cellars and wet areas. The aluminium version is also impressive in terms of its appearance and weight, as you can, for example, save fuel with vehicle fixtures. The product also features the helpful combitech® drill alignment groove.

Comprehensive range of accessories available

The range includes brackets with even and uneven branches, flat brackets, U-profiles, T-profiles and rectangular tubes. It is rounded off by the matching screws, nuts, shelf feet, washers, rubber buffers, tensioners, setting rings and much more. Multiple combination options make it possible to precisely align logika® with the combitech® system.

For professional processing, alfer® offers not only the right general tools but also universal deburring tools. Alu-Magic polish creates radiant shine.

Details of the logika® profiles

combitech® system coaxis®

coaxis® - simple processing, multiple uses

A further addition to the combitech® system is the coaxis® profile. This consists of four hollow chambers coaxially located around the core. The special design of the aluminium profiles ensure excellent longitudinal and lateral stability with the lowest weight.

Equipped with drill alignment holes, the profiles are extremely simple to use and the angle bracket and hook can even be installed without drilling, using simply a square nut and screw. The profiles are ideal for use in damp areas and can even be used in the garden thanks to their weather-resistance.

coaxis® and combitech®

coaxis® can also be combined with the remaining combitech® system. For example, metric threaded rods fit into the core hole. Furthermore, fixing panels, hinges, cover strips, end and connection caps and hooks are all also available in the coaxis® range.

coaxis® in the online product catalogue

Storage range

Systematic order

The broad version of the coaxis® profile can be horizontally, vertically and diagonally attached to walls and ceilings, allowing you to make optimal use of the available space. With the right hook, everything finds a place, whether indoors or out. Whether in the garden, the garage, the cellar or the attic: everything can be securely stored. The rubber caps on the hooks ensure that nothing gets scratched. The coaxis® hooks are available in aluminium or galvanised steel.

The alfer® bicycle stand is made of lightweight, weather-resistant aluminium. It is suitable for all bikes, from racing bikes and city bikes to mountain bikes. It comes either as a rigid or an infinitely adjustable version, individually or as a three-piece set.

With dimensions of 125 mm to 500 mm, the professional brackets are suitable for many uses. They are also made of weather-resistant aluminium and can be universally used.

The alfer® overhead storage system is also available to resolve any extreme space issues.

The classification and storage range in the online product catalogue

The complete alfer® range online

Full information including all product dimensions can be found in the online product catalogue. All product versions are included as is all the information you require.

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alfer® products are available throughout Europe.

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