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Building profiles from alfer® for dry construction, plastering, parquet, tiled, carpeted or laminate flooring


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Building profiles from alfer® for dry construction, plastering, parquet, tiled, carpeted or laminate flooring

Building profiles and bars

alfer® profiles for interior design and plastering

alfer® offers DIY enthusiasts and professionals a broad range of profiles and bars for use in interior design and plastering. Dry construction profiles, baseboards and profiles for laying floor coverings such as parquet, laminate, PVC and tiles. It is even easy to compensate differences in floor covering heights. The cabelino® profile discretely conceals cables in the skirting.

Tile edgings

Clean edges and finishes with aluminium profiles

Whether you lay your tiles yourself or have them laid by a specialist, there is one important ‘side issue’ that you should never forget. The alfer® profiles can be used on corners and edges, transitions between floor coverings and stairways. Clean edges and transitions not only look good but are also hygienic as they prevent any fraying or scuffing and improve water-resistance. You will find several products for this purpose in the product range: end profiles, edge and corner profiles, joint and expansion joint covering profiles, anti-slip stair edges and many more.

clipstech® profiles: easy installation, elegant appearance

The clipstech® profiles are highly refined. They are practical and easy to install. The highlight is that once attached, there are no visible screws, meaning they create elegant transitions and cleverly conceal joints.

alfer® tile profiles in the online catalogue!

Floor and room profiles

Decorative transitions and edges with alfer® profiles

The alfer® floor and room profiles enable you to create visually appealing edgings and transitions. Transitions between different floor coverings, a clean and protective edging or stair edges, all available in a whole range of colours, materials and décors.

The stair profiles provide safety and particularly protect textile coverings against scuffing on the edges, ensuring they retain their visual appeal for many years. The profiles are extremely colour stable and completely crush-proof. For minor damage to aged stairs, alfer® offers stair repair brackets for simple restoration.

alfer® door sealing brushes simply and effectively prevent drafts.

To the floor and room profiles

clipstech® – parquet and laminate profiles

Perfectly laid parquet and laminate floorboards the easy way

The ease of laying ready-to-install parquet, cork and laminate floorboards makes them extremely popular with DIY enthusiasts. And anyone who appreciates this feature will love the parquet and laminate profiles from alfer®.

With clipstech®, clipstech®-vario and clipstech®-plus, you have the perfect profiles for edges and transitions between floor coverings. The edges are therefore cleanly sealed and stumbling hazards are prevented.

No visible screws: clipstech® profiles are clipped on

The clipstech® profiles are installed so that no screws are subsequently visible. The cover is simply clipped on. clipstech® profiles are also processed using a high-tech manufacturing procedure, making the numerous designs more UV, water and scratch-resistant than conventional coatings.

In addition to the clipstech® range, alfer® also provides classic end profiles, for example made from anodised aluminium, for a clean edge. Rough edges are covered; necessary expansion joints are maintained.

Parquet and laminate profiles in the catalogue

The complete alfer® range online

Full information including all product dimensions can be found in the online product catalogue. All product versions are included as is all the information you require.

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alfer® products are available throughout Europe.

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