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Comprehensive relaunch: new website online

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Comprehensive relaunch: new website online

The internet has become a permanent fixture in our daily lives and is now used by the vast majority of people as a quick and reliable source of information. alfer® is taking account of this development and has prepared many contents in a media-appropriate format and can now be found online with a new, far more comprehensive website. The result is plain to see:

Clear overview of the entire product range

All products from the three ranges hardware, building materials and classification system can now be found online in four languages under As in the printed catalogues, the products are sorted into categories depending on their use. Website users therefore receive a quick and convenient overview. Actual product selection is made easier through intelligent filter functions. For all products, relevant downloads such as product data sheets and processing instructions for the precise context are available and round off the range. Although the online product catalogue is based on software from the eCommerce specialists OXID eSales, the products are still only available from most home improvement stores and specialist retailers.

Professional information for DIY enthusiasts

A further new area,, collates helpful tips and tricks from the everyday lives of DIY enthusiasts and professionals and makes these available online. That such information is integrated into the product catalogue goes without saying but certain information can also be accessed in video format.

Company information

Further to the two aforementioned, customer-oriented areas, alfer® is also marketing itself on a new website, which will form the basis for all online activities. This website gives purchasers, business partners and job hunters an insight into the successful company from the southern Black Forest, which now sells its sophisticated products throughout Europe.

New basis for future online activities

This measure has created a new basis for online activities, which will be further developed in the future.

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